Eventbrite Integration: Connecting your Eventbrite account to Lapio

As a preferred registration partner, the integration with Lapio and Eventbrite puts powerful tools in the hands of anyone who is passionate about endurance events and looking for a better way to manage their race from registration to results. Easily import participant data directly from Eventbrite into Lapio timing software. No muss, no fuss.

In order to connect your Eventbrite account to Lapio you must first create an event in both Eventbrite and Lapio. 

Below are instructions on how to create your events:

Eventbrite Integration: Setting up event in Evenbrite
Eventbrite Integration: Setting up event in Lapio
Once you have setup your events, in Lapio software go to: 
Settings --> Registration Integration --> Connect your event to Eventbrite
Click Connect Your Event to Eventbrite
Once connected, you will will see an updated message:
Connected to Evenbrite account for [User name]
Select the Eventbrite event you want to connect from the event list.  
Once an event is chosen, mapping options will appear. 
Mapping tickets is for timing purposes. You want to import the participants that will be timed and assign them to a race.
Under each ticket type you will see the drop down with Race ID options.
Helpful Hint: Remember, the Lapio Race ID is the race distance identifier created when adding categories.
Choose the appropriate Race ID for each ticket type. Choose ignore if you do not wish to import the participants for that ticket type. 
You have the following ticket options
5K Run
5K Run + BBQ
BBQ Only
In this example, 5K Run would be mapped to 5K. 5K + BBQ would be mapped to 5K. BBQ Only would be ignored because those people are just enjoying the BBQ and will not be participating in the 5K.
Once you have mapped the tickets to the appropriate Race ID, click import
You will see "import/update complete" above the Eventbrite logo when importing is finished. 
After the import is complete, click on the participant tab to see that all the participants have been imported. 
Helpful Hint: Lapio import is dynamic and will always pull the most updated information. Importing multiple times is OK and only new/changed data will be pulled. 
You have now successfully connected your Eventbrite account to Lapio and imported the data. 
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