Eventbrite Integration: Setting up event in Lapio

As a preferred registration partner, the integration with Lapio and Eventbrite puts powerful tools in the hands of anyone who is passionate about endurance events and looking for a better way to manage their race from registration to results. Easily import participant data directly from Eventbrite into Lapio timing software. No muss, no fuss.

In order to connect your Eventbrite account to Lapio you must first create an event in Eventbrite. 

Below are instructions on how to create your event:
Eventbrite Integration: Setting up event in Evenbrite


Next, you will need to create your event in Lapio. 

Login to your Lapio account and click New Event.

Below is a video on how to create a new event in Lapio (Watch until minute 1:34): 

When setting up a new event, you need to create categories.  These categories define the parameters for your race results. (Ex: 10K Female 30-40)

To setup race categories go to:

Event --> Categories --> Action --> Check the box “age and gender based categories”.

Click "add category" and enter the category information.

Code: This is a technical code and used for quick reference of the public name. It is a max of 8 characters. 

Name: This is the public name of the category. This is what people will see in the results drop down when choosing a results category.


Gender: This is used to identify the gender of the participant. This is important for gender based results. You will need to enter gender based categories for both male and female age groups. Example: 5K Female 20-29 and 5K Male 20-29

Age Interval: This is used to designate the age group for the results. Example: If you want results to show Female 20-29 you would put 20 - 29 in the age interval.

Race ID: This is a unique identifier used for each race distance in the event. You only need one Race ID per distance. You will use the same Race ID for all categories created for that race distance.

Example: If your event consists of 5K and 10K distances, you will need to need a Race ID to identify each distance. In this example the respective Race IDs would be 5K and 10K. For each 5K category you enter, 5K Female 20-29, you will need to enter the designated 5K Race ID. 

Helpful Hint: Use the Race ID even if there is only one distance being timed at the event. If you are only are timing a 5K, the Race ID would be 5K.

Price: This is not relevant to Eventbrite integration. Set this value to 0. 

Once you have added the category information, click Save

In order to easily view results, you need to create and name categories in a uniform way. Learn  "How to Setup Categories Efficiently" by reading the below help document: 


The next step is to connect your Eventbrite account to Lapio. Below is a link to learn how to connect your account: 



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