How to: Customize your Point System

With this guide and some short time of practicing you will be able to make your own customized point system.


For customizing your own point system you need to use some small amount of coding, to do that you always need to write all your coding in between curly braces({ }).


How to make the curly braces on a danish mac.

{ = Shift + alt + 8

} = Shift + alt + 9


I will now take you through the steps for making your own customized point system.


1) Login to your account.


2) Choose the event you want to work with.


3) Click on the menu “Integration”

4) In the bottom of the screen the box “Point system” will appear, this is the box you need to fill with your customized coding. I will here show you an example on a customized point system and tell you about what the different text means.

5) “first:[25]”:
This one defines how many points the first participant gets. In this case the first place gets 25 points. If you want your point system to give 100 points for the first place, just change it to “first:[100]”.


6) “step:-1”:
This one defines how big the gap from one position to another is. In this case the second place gets 24 points and the third place gets 23 points. If you want the gap to be by two points, so that the second place gets 23 points instead, change it to “step:-2”


7)“lessIsMore: false”:
actually this one is not important if you want the first place to be the one with the highest score, because the system will automatically place is like this, without typing it in the text. If you want the first place to get lowest points, example: 1st place, 1 point. 2nd place, 2 points….. 25th place 25 points. Then change it to “lessIsMore: true”.  


This one defines if the points is given by category or not. In this case it is given by category, which means that there is 25 points for the first one in every category. If you want the points to be given by overall place and not by the place in the categories, change it to “scorePerCategory:false”


9)“defaultScore: 1”:
This one defines what the lowest amount of points there is possible to get. In this case the 25th place will get 1 point and since the default score is 1 point, everyone from 26th and below will get 1 point aswell. If you want this one to end at 5, change it to “defaultScore: 5”. If you skip this one in your text, and you have “step:-1” then the places below 26th will get minus score.


This i something which is common used in a series. If you have five events in your series, but only wants the four best to count. If you want all the events to count in the overall classification just skip this one in your text.


Now you should be ready to customize your own point system.


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