How to: Create a Series

If you are organizing a cup with more than one race and want to make an overall classification of all the races, this have become quite easy and is done in a small amount of time.


I will now take you trough the steps to set up your own cup.


1) Login to your account


2) Choose the event you want to be the main event(In this case: Cup test samlet)


3) Click into the menu “Preferences”(see below)

4) Place a checkmark in the box “Main series event” and press the blue “Save” button - Reload the site and a new box will appear on your screen(see below)

5) Click on the scroll menu right to “Choose event for series”


6) Choose a event you would like to attach to the series and click on the blue “Attach event to series” - This is required for all the events you would like to attach to the series.(See below)


When this is done y


our series is completed, it is always possible to add or remove events from the series, if you by mistake attached an event that should not have been attached.


It is now possible to see the overall classification on


When you use this, Lapio automatically makes an points system for every category and 25 points for first place and then one point less per position in the result list.


Example: 1st place, 25 points. 2nd place, 24 points. 3rd place, 23 points. 4th place…… 25th place, 1 point. 26th place, 0 points.



If you want to customize your own point system, check the “How to customize your point system” document.


If you need any additional help, please contact Lapio at

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