How to: Insert Gun Times

Single start:


For races where all participants have the same start time, you only need ONE gun time.


An example of SAME gun time for different categories.


  1. When only having one gun time, simply click “Reading from start line” before pushing “Start Race”


  1. Click “Start Race”



  1. Unclick “Reading from start line



Multiple starts:


For races where you want certain categories to have different start times, you will need multiple gun times.


Below is an example of multiple gun times.


  1. When having multiple gun times, “Reading from start line” should ALWAYS be marked before pushing “Start Race”.


  1. Let’s say the 5K starts at 8.00am. Click “Start Race”.



  1. When you want your next heat to start (let’s say the 10K at 8.15am) simply just click “Start Race” again but KEEP “Reading from start line” marked as shown below


  1. A window like the one shown below will appear when doing multiple gun times. Disregard this message. Simply just to inform you that you have already started one race.

  1. ONLY when all heats have started it is time to unclick “Readings from start line”.



  1. When the category heat has started, you are now able to assign the correct gun time to that category. Go to à Timing à


  1. Primary Gun Time should always be your first start reading.



  1. Click the “edit” box next to the category and choose the gun time for this category.



  1. Continue assigning gun times for all categories after they have had their start.


Hint: Remember to update your browser in between assigning gun times as it might not update automatically. 


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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