How to: Add Categories Efficiently

In order to easily view results, you need to create and name categories in a uniform way.

An example is shown below:

Male / Female 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon + age groups 18-40 / 41-90

Recommended setup:

5F1840            5K, female, 18-40 years
5M1840            5K, male, 18-40 years
5F4190            5K, female, 41-90 years
5M4190            5K, male, 41-90 years

10F1840          10K, female, 18-40 years
10M1840         10K, male, 18-40 years
10F4190          10K, female, 41-90 years
10M4190         10K, male, 41-90 years

HMF1840         Half marathon, female, 18-40 years
HMM1840        Half marathon, male, 18-40 years
HMF4190         Half marathon, female, 41-90 years
HMM4190        Half marathon, male, 41-90 years

MF1840            Marathon, female, 18-40 years
MM1840           Marathon, male, 18-40 years
MF4190            Marathon, female, 41-90 years
MM4190           Marathon, male, 41-90 years

Categories will be shown as below on the results page: 

  • Overall 5K, 10K, Half Marathon & Marathon Results 
  • Individual Age Group Results 



If you desire more result views, (Ex: Best 5K Women), you need to create a category to filter the results.

**DON’T create these before registration is closed**

Code "5F%" Name "5K Female Overall"
This will gather the participants from the two female age groups in the 5K category

Code "MM%" Name "Marathon Male Overall"
This will gather the participants from the two male age groups in the marathon category.

The symbol % will gather categories

  • You need to create uniform categories so there is an understanding of the info you want to gather before you open registration.

Remember to keep the same format when creating categories.  Whether you list gender, distance or age group first, you should continue the same format throughout the entire race setup.

(5F1825, 10F2630)

If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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