How to: Manage Preferences incl. Photos

This overview of preferences will give you an understanding of how to enable Lapio’s photo feature as well as manage postings of starters, results and LIVE streaming.

1) Go to Settings ->Preferences

The three boxes: show starters, show results and enable LIVE streaming automatically appear with a checkmark as this is a standard setting. 

If you wish to disable any of these, simply unclick the box. 

Ex: If you want to make sure results are 100% accurate before posting, you can disable the "LIVE streaming" and "show results". Once you have verified all finish times, you can check "show results" and save.

2. If you wish to enable the photo feature, simply click the Photos feature box.


This feature will allow you to upload and photos and tag participants.


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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