How to: Manage Field Options

Lapio gives race directors the option to add custom fields to the registration form to gather information from participants prior to race day. Follow the below steps to explore the different options.

1. Click Add custom field.

2. A list of options will appear and you are free to choose any of these.


List of field options

  • Text
  • Option
  • Help
  • Text Area
  • Mandatory

Important: Every time you are adding a new field, it gives you the option to make the answer “required” for your participants.


Text -> A Text field allows you to ask participants questions. An example could be emergency contact.


Option -> This feature is an opportunity to give your participants more options. An example could be to offer participants to sign up for your newsletter. You are also able to add a price in this field.


Help -> Here you can inform participants about details they should know prior to race day. An example could be to inform about prices and taxes.


Text Area -> Text Area is a more detailed feature than Text. It allows your participants to add a longer and more detailed answer. For example race preparation.



Mandatory-> This field will be mandatory for participants. An example could be a price for registration fee.


Chip -> If you have participants who register with their own chips, this field allows them to fill in their own chip numbers.



Dropdown -> This feature is used when registrants need to choose from multiple options. An example could be t-shirt selection with the option to choose a size.


Date -> Here you can ask for a date. This could be date of birth, date of last race etc.


Charity -> If you are fundraising money for a charity, you can select minimum and maximum donations here.


  1. After choosing your fields, click go to front page -> Registration. The chosen field options will appear as shown below.



If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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