Configuring MYLAPS Toolkit with Lapio Software

Lapio is compatible with MYLAPS Toolkit and below are instructions on how to configure Toolkit with Lapio software. 

1. Lay mats out with all cables connected to the mats and connected to the grey decoder box. Make sure decoder is fully charged. 

2. Connect decoder (using Ethernet cable) to timing laptop. 

3.  Turn on computer, open up Toolkit and set up race: 

  • Start a new race

  • Bib tag timing

  • Add new locations

  • Label the location: 

         - The location name in Toolkit should be the event token in Lapio under
           Settings -> Integration -> Event Token 

        - Location name should be [Token]:S (The :S is for race start)
          Example: NC0xMS004348:S




  • Click yes to accept GPS time.

  • Add device (decoder), click on it and assign to your new location. If no device is found, the decoder is not properly connected to Toolkit/computer.

  • Add an exporter: 3097 TCP/IP

  • For race start, ensure you click either the physical decoder button on the grey decoder (to record gun shot time) or use the remote screen on Toolkit decoder to click the race start time.
       - Write down the start time.

  • In Lapio, go to:
    Timing tab -> Gun Times -> Add Start Time

     - Add Primary Gun Time as the main start time. For each distance, add actual      
       start time. Example: 5K: 08:00:00, 10K: 08:30:00


  • After everyone has started, you need to press PLAY in Toolkit to send start file data to Lapio. 

  • After data is played, rename the location in Toolkit to  [Token]:F (The :F is for race finish). Example: NC0xMS004348:F


  • Create a new file in Toolkit so the finisher times are in a separate finish file. 

  • Hit PLAY on the finish file so the finisher times are recorded and sent to Lapio. 

Split times:
For split times, race/token setup is the same but use [Token]:B (The :B is for between start and finish). Example: NC0xMS004348:B



Testing on Lapio Software: 

In Lapio software, go to:
Timing -> Chip data

       - Confirm chip readings are being sent to Lapio software.

When the first participant crosses the finish line go to the live feed and confirm results are streaming live. 

Error Checking: 

If an error pops up on the screen, click ignore or okay and resume timing. 

If Toolkit crashes or freezes, you can simply restart it (and the computer) and set it up again as you did before. 

Other common errors are typos in the event token (which prevents the data from being sent to Lapio), loose cords or cords not properly connected. 

 If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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