Description of Alias codes in messages

When messaging in Lapio software you can choose from a variety of alias codes that pull information directly from your participant database. Below is a basic user guide for these codes.


: This will copy the participant email*
*This is not used much

Name: This will copy the participants full name 

First name: This will copy the participant’s first name only

Last name: This will copy the participant’s last name only

Club/Team: This will copy the club or team the participant has submitted during registration

Bib: This will copy the participant’s bib number – you should not use this if you haven´t uploaded bib & chip numbers yet*
*Very useful just before race day

Chip – will copy your chip number. This one is only usefull if you do races where the participants enter own chip.

Category : This will copy the participant’s catogory

Athlete-link: This alias code will insert a link, so the participant can sign up for Facebook/ Twitter notifications. This link can also be shared, so friends and family can also follow this participant.


Below is the default information sent for each timing point:

{} is racing {} and have completed {split.distance} in {split.time}

If you want to edit this text, copy these {xxx} into you own text.


{} is racing {} and have completed {split.distance} in {split.time}

This race is sponsored by


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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