How to: Upload Photos

(The manual is the same for uploading from a computer or a mobile device)

  1. Go to Settings à Preferences
  • Enable the photo feature when setting up your race.
  • Note: Here you can also disable photo tagging.


  1. Go to Photos
  • Here you will be able to first add a Zone and second Upload 


  1. Zones


There are two ways of adding zones:

  1. By adding zones from the race course, you automatically match participants’ location on the course with their lap times.
  • Lapio software will then match photos with participants.




  • Add a new zone, which we can call 3K uphill.
  • The photographer is at the top of the hill, 50 yards before a split point.
  • We assume it will take a participants minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 30 seconds to run from top of the hill, where the photographer is, to the split point.
  • The beginning time of this zone will then be 10 seconds and ending time will be 30 seconds.
  • A participant’s lap time will then be matched with photos taken in this time span.


  1. Add zones before or after the race.


  • An example of such a zone could be ”Podium” and allows you to add photos that are taken outside the actual race course. 


  1. Upload photos
  • Here you upload photos. You have the option to choose which zone the photos are taken at.



Important: There is no size limit on .jpg but there is a 2GB limit on .zip uploads.



  1. Example of how you can choose to name your zones.



  1. Watermark
  • Here you have the option to upload your company or sponsor logo and place it as a watermark on race photos.




  1. Example of how photos will appear on your race site together with results.





If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at [email protected].

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