How to: Upload Bib and Chip File - Advanced

Follow below instructions to easily upload bib and chip files.


  1. Go to Timing à Chips and BIBs



  1. Click upload bib chip sets



  1. Here you see an option to choose a category. If your bib and chip readings are specific to a category with certain start numbers, you can assign them here.



Lapio will automatically assign the next available bib number either in the race or your chosen category.


Express assignment can be done manually as well as participants with custom bibs.


Helpful Hint: If you are scanning a large race, we do not recommend uploading one scan file. Uploading bib/chip numbers per category is the best way to reduce scanning error.


  1. Click Choose file and choose your file. For this example we are using a file from an Ipico Registration Reader.







You have three advanced options when uploading chips and bibs.


  1. Overwrite excisting chips
  • By checking this box, you can overwrite all previously uploaded chips. This feature is valuable if you upload the wrong chip set or decide to make any changes. Simply upload the new file without having to change chips manually.
  • If a participant has his/hers own chip uncheck this box as well. Afterwards, manually assign a bib number.


  1. Overwrite excisting bibs
  • By checking this box, you can overwrite all previously uploaded bibs and let the new file determine bib numbers.


  • Use bib from tagfile
  • If you want to use numbers from the file, put a checkmark in this box. As image shows below, the first participant will be assigned bib number 326.



  1. After choosing advanced options, click Upload.



  1. Go to Participants and you will see how each of your participants have been assigned with a bib and chip number.




If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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