1-3 Days Before Race Day Checklist


Upload Bib/Chip data to participants

             - Remember to occasionally check a sample chip to make sure the bib and   
               chip combination is the same as what is showing in the software.

Add late entries if needed

             - Remember to add late entries before uploading bib/chip data.

Define timing points

             - Check distance defined for each timing point created.

 Send email message with Athlete-link

             - Send email message though Lapio messages to all participants with their 
               Athlete-link.  With this link participants can connect their social media 
               accounts allowing results to post directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Charge readers

             - Make sure to charge the reader until the charger light is green.

Helpful Hint: Some readers come with a charger while other come with a power supply. If you have a reader with a charger, make sure you allow adequate time to fully charge. Some readers drain the battery before recharging.

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