How To: Add Participants (When NOT using Lapio registration)

It is highly recommended that you use Lapio's registration. The seamless integration with Lapio's timing software reduces handling errors and saves valuable time. With that said, we understand that as race directors and timers you need flexibility when it comes to your software. 

If you are not using Lapio's registration you can easily import your registration list into Lapio software. 


  1. Go to Participants --> Action --> Import Participants


  1. Download the template by clicking on the tab “Download template”.


  1. A CSV file will open up as shown above. Here you will need to fill in all your participant information EXACTLY as stated in this tutorial. You can either cut and paste or modify your registration vendor’s exported registration CSV file to look exactly like the above. Be thorough when entering all information, as it will save you from unwanted import issues.


  1. This document will help you understand the names and codes of all headers:


Some helpful hints:

  1. Eliminate as many nonessential columns as possible.
  2. No blank rows in the file. You can remove a row by highlighting the row, right click, delete. For a more advanced tutorial for this can be found here:
  • Format entire file to be AutoFit Column Width.
  1. Enter proper name with ONLY first letter of first and last name in CAPITAL. All other letters have to be lower case. Help can be found here:
  2. First and last name have to be separated into two (2) columns as shown here:
  3. When entering category, enter category CODE and NOT the name of your category. For example M40.




In case of an incorrect data upload or error in participant information follow below steps:


Move Participants


If you accidentally upload an entire participant list with the wrong category codes or another mistake you can move all participants to a “dummie” race you have created.

  1. Create New Event à Name it “Example: dummie/trash/moveto”.
  2. In your real race go to Participants à Action à Move participants to… And then select your newly created race.
  • You can use the newly created “dummie” to store participant information from all your races. You only need ONE (1) “dummie” race.


Remember we move and NEVER delete information to protect your race data! By moving data instead of deleting, we can always retrieve data if needed.


Unconfirmed Participants


The option to unconfirm a participant is a tool used for more individual occasions. For example if a participant cancels or if information has been uploaded multiple times for that one participant.

  1. Go to Participants à click on the “editing pen” to the right of the participant name


  1. At the bottom, you can choose to unconfirm the participant.


  • The participant’s information will always be in the system, simply unconfirmed to this race.




If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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