How to: Create a Waiver

Below are instructions on how to create a waiver.

1. First you need to create a custom field

Fields --> Add Custom Field --> Create/edit field

2.  Choose "Option" and check "Required field"

By making waiver a required field, everyone has to accept the waiver to complete registration.

3. Label the Option field (Ex: Waiver)

4. Insert your waiver text in "Help"

When entering the text:

  • The first line of text is shown on the registration page (the bold text below)
  • You can then insert your custom waiver text by replacing the template text in italic 

When I ́m signing on to this race, then I accept and understand this waiver
<a href="javascript:void(bootbox.alert('<b><br/><b>-</b>Waiver: I know that running is an action sport carrying risk of serious injury, death or property damage. I also know that there are natural, mechanical, and environmental conditions and risks, which independently or in combination with my activities may cause property damage or severe or even fatal injuries to me or others. In consideration of accepting this entry into this event, I the above-signed, do hereby for myself, my executors and administrator, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have or acquire against any beneficiaries, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, employees and Federal, State and local governments or private parties on whose property this event may be run, or any and all injuries suffered by the participant due to participation in the event.<br/><br/></b></b> '));">READ Waiver</a>

5. Enter "price" as 0.0

6. Click Save

Below is an example of how it will be shown on the registration page:


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at


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