Configuring Windows 8 to Run Ipico Reader with Lapio Connect

Below are steps for configuring Windows 8 to run your Ipico Reader with Lapio Connect.

This PC Folder → Open Control Panel → System and Security

Control Panel.png

Sytem and Security.png

Once in System and Security, update the below (4) folders:

Sytem and Security Options.png

→ Change Settings → Important updates
Choose: Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them

Change Settings.png

Computer Updates.png

→ Change when computer sleeps

Change when computer sleeps.png

Choose below settings:
Never Turn off the display when On battery or Plugged In
Never Put the computer to sleep when On battery or Plugged In
→ Save Changes

Power Options.png

WINDOWS FIREWALL → Turn Windows Firewall on or off

Turn firewall on or off.png

Choose below settings:
Private network settings: Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)
Public network settings: Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)
→ Click OK

Firewall Options.png

NETWORK AND INTERNET→ Network Sharing Center → Change Adaptor Settings

Network Sharing Settings.png

Change Adapter Settings.png

Right Click and choose Properties

Network Properties.png

Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) → Properties

Internet Protocal V4.png

Choose: Use the following IP address:
First, find the IP address of your Ipico Reader. Next, enter the IP address but the last number must be lower than what is on the reader.

Ipico Reader: 192. 168. 1.  11
Computer IP Address: 192. 168.1. 10

Enter the Subnet mask: 255 . 255. 255. 0

Open Lapio Connect – You can download Lapio Connect at

Select the event you want to time and click “Time It”

Click “Find Readers” – The status bar will let you know when task is complete.

3) Reader will pop-up once found. Click “Start Race” and move timing chips over reader – You should see chip readings showing the reader is properly connected to Lapio Connect.

Results are then streamed live on the LIVE tab of the event page

If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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