Setup and Manage Finish Line Video

The below instructions will walk through how to setup and manage finish line video. 

Items to prepare in advance:

  • Camera with enough memory (note: reduce resolution to save memory)
  • Set up YouTube to stream more than 15 minutes in settings
  • Camera with long battery life or use additional power supply


1. Set up your camera behind the finish line and make sure it captures the runners.

2. 5-10 minutes before the first runner crosses the finish line push the start button on your camera (read detailed instructions under bullet point 6).

3. DON’T stop the filming until the very last runner has crossed the finish line.

4. Upload your video on YouTube and make sure your settings are set to stream more than YouTube’s standard 15 minutes.


5. YouTube will provide you with a unique video “YouTube ID” when you click the share button.


6. On your race setup page in Lapio software, go to Settings -> Integration and enter the ID. Note: Only enter the code after the / slash.

In addition, enter the time from which you started filming (you don’t have to start filming from the beginning of the race as it only captures the finish line).

In this example the video started 15 minutes and 10 seconds after the race started.

Note: REMEMBER to write down this time. The exact time can be found under Lapio “LIVE” streaming or in Lapio Connect.

 This setting is important, as it will create more accurate finish line videos.



Now sit back and relax.

Lapio’s technology will split the individual runners' finish line videos and match them with their bib and chip numbers.

After the race, each participant can click on their own name and find their video as well as photos if this service has been set up.

7. Go to Results and click on the participant whose results you want to see.

8. Click on the filmstrip and the finish line video will appear.


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at

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