Mobile Timer - Race Setup & Timing Instructions

One option for easy race timing is using Lapio's Mobile Timer. Our mobile timing solution allows anyone to time a race by manually entering splits or finish times from their mobile devices. 

Below are 5 easy steps to get you up and running and timing your own races.

1. Create your race and open online registration

Below is a link to the Lapio Software Manual which will walk you through this process:


Quick Links

How to create an event
How to create categories
How to add timing points

2. Register Participants

Participants can begin registering as soon as online registration is open. Once you start to receive registrations, participants can be seen in the public "starters" list. 


3. Promote your race


Send personalized messages directly to your participants from within Lapio software:


Social Media Integration

Increase exposure of your event through Lapio’s seamless social media integration. Participants can share race registration, results and photos though their personal Facebook accounts increasing your race and sponsor’s exposure exponentially.

Learn more about how to use Lapio's social media integration:


4. Prepare Bibs for Mobile Timing

In order to begin timing your race you must assign your participants a bib number. You will use that same bib number for their chip number. Below are two options for assigning bib and chip numbers:

      a) Manually enter the bib and chip numbers into Lapio software
      b) Upload the bib/chip file into Lapio software

a) Manually enter the bib and chip numbers into Lapio software    

For this option you will need to edit each participant and enter their bib and chip number. Enter the same number for both the bib and chip (Example: Bib 1, Chip 1). Remember to click the checkmark to save. 


b) Upload the bib/chip file into Lapio software

With this option you can bulk upload participant bib and chip numbers by uploading the attached file into Lapio software. This file will upload a bib and chip number for up to 3000 participants
(Example: Bib 1, Chip 1).

At the bottom of this article, download the file named 3000BibUploadFile.txt. 

Below are instructions on how to upload a bib/chip file:

5. Race Day Mobile Timing

The below document will provide you with race day instructions on how to use Lapio's Mobile Timer:

Helpful Hint:
Always remember that with bib timing it takes approximately 2 seconds to insert a bib number. If you have a lot of participants crossing a split point or finish line at the same time, then you need a lot of helpers connected to the mobile timer. Also, make sure that the same participants do not get splits from several of the helpers. There is no limit to the number of mobile timing helpers you can have. 



One you start entering bib numbers, participant results will appear on the LIVE tab on the public event page:


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at



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