How to: Use Mobile Timer (Manual Bib Entry)

One option for race timing is to use Lapio's Mobile Timer to manually enter splits or finish times. 

In order to use this option, you must first setup a race. Below is a link to the Lapio Software Manual which will walk you through this process:

On race day, follow the below instructions and begin timing! 

1) On your mobile device, go to -->

*Helpful Hint: This can be any mobile device including a phone or tablet



2) Choose the Manual Timing option.


3) Login with your Lapio username and password. 


4. Find and choose the race you want to time.



5. Once you have chosen the race you want to time, there are two options for noting the official start time of the race:

          a) Use "start time" entered in Lapio software 
              All participants will receive the same start time

          b) Use "start readings" as the official start time 
              Participants will receive their start time when they cross the start line and their bib
              number is manually entered. 

a) Use "start time" entered in Lapio software 

When creating a race in Lapio software, under basic settings you will enter the estimated start time of the race (Example: 2:30PM). On race day, this time will be used as the official start time of the race. Participants can start the race without being manually entered first. They will automatically be given a start time.

Helpful Hint: Use the website to note the exact time the race starts. If this time is different than what was estimated as the race start time in Lapio software, simply update the time under basic settings. 



b) Use "start readings" as the official start time 

For this option, make sure to turn ON "Record start line readings". You must then enter each participant's bib number as they cross the start line


Enter name --> Wait for participant name to appear --> Press ENTER

Once the name has disappeared you can type in the next bib number.

IMPORTANT: Once everyone has left the starting line you must UNCHECK "Record start line readings". 


6. Enter split and finish times

When a participant crosses the finish line (or split) you must enter the participant's bib number, wait for the name to display, and push ENTER


Once the name has disappeared you can type in the next bib number.



If you have a race with multiple splits, make sure to enter their bib number at all the timing points. 

Helpful Hints: 

Make sure to add all the necessary timing points when setting up your race. For more information on how to add timing points in Lapio software, click here:

It takes approximately 2 seconds to insert a bib number. If you have a lot of participants crossing a split point or finish line at the same time, then you need a lot of helpers connected to the mobile timer. Also, make sure that the same participants do not get splits from several of the helpers. There is no limit to the number of mobile timing helpers you can have. 


One you start entering bib numbers, participant results will appear on the LIVE tab on the public event page:


If you need additional help, contact Lapio support at


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